Miss M is in 3rd Grade, The Boyscout is in 10th grade, and The Bug is doing Kindergarten this year.   

(Links were provided for your convenience, but they are not affiliate links and we are not receiving any form of compensation for listing these products, nor were we asked to endorse them. They were purchased by us for use in our own home school. They work for us, they may or may not work for you as every child is unique!)

All Together:

Faith Formation (Daily using selections from the list below):
Old and New Testament Bible Stories
Saint stories using Saints for Young Readers for Every Day
The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism
The Catholic Bible Workbook
The Mass Explained
Who Am I? from the Image of God Series (Kindergarten)
Our Life With Jesus from Faith and Life Series (Third Grade)



The Bug is using a wide variety of resources for this school year.  For a "core" we are using:
All About Reading Level 1
You Can Read from 1+1+1=1
Saxon Math 1
Handwriting Without Tears
Christian Liberty Nature Reader
Memoria Press K Enrichment

Third Grade:

Our plans for Miss M were influenced by Mater Amabilis, a free Charlotte Mason-style curriculum for Catholics, although we are not following it exactly.  Miss M is preparing for her First Communion later this  year!

Memory Work:

Language Arts:
All About Spelling Level 3
Writing & Rhetoric: Fable from Classic Academic Press
Beginning Reading and Reasoning
Voyages in English 3 (Grammar only)
Literature Unit Studies from Memoria Press

Saxon Math 5/4
Khan Academy
Primary Grade Challenge Math by Zaccaro
A variety of math games and puzzles

Real Science Odyssey - Chemistry
McHenry's The Elements

Nature Study (2x/Week):
We will be doing weekly nature walks and using a variety of resources including The Nature Connection and Christian Liberty Nature Readers.  We are also reading The Burgess Bird book for our first term.

History (2x/Week):

This will be our first year using RC History plans.  We will be covering Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome this year using their Volume One.

We are also covering periods in American History using the American Girl dolls as a starting point, as well as plans from Jessica at Shower of Roses.

Miss M will be studying the 50 states this year. 

Latin for Children A
French using Duolingo

Fine Arts:
Teaching Art with Books Kids Love
Artist to Artist
The Story of the Orchestra
A unit study still in the works on ballet

Lots of time outside playing, bike riding, dance class and competitive Lacrosse.

Tenth Grade:

The Boyscout is currently enrolled in our local high school for tenth grade.