Saturday, September 5, 2015

Donuts & Ice Experiments: Farmer Boy Unit Study

We are continuing on with our Farmer Boy studies.  For chapter seven, we made donuts.  Since The Bug has Celiac, I modified a recipe to be gluten-free, and was pleased with how well it worked out.

Frying in the oil just like in the book.  I did this part while they watched from a safe distance.

Finished donuts, rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Miss M and The Bug enjoying the donuts we made.
Chapter six dealt with cutting ice and storing it.  Miss M was very surprised when we read that the ice blocks would stay frozen all year packed in sawdust.  This called for an experiment!  We put ice cubes wrapped in aluminum foil, wood shavings (our closest to sawdust) and bubble wrap outside and checked every 10 minutes to see how fast they melted. 

We used plain cubes not wrapped as our control.  The kids were surprised to see that the wood shavings did indeed keep the ice from melting for several hours.

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