Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Recreating Picasso's Three Musicians

When we were at the library earlier this week, The Bug selected a picture book called Lumpito and the Painter from Spain by Monica Kulling.  I know he picked it just for the daschund on the cover, but it was a good find.  This is a cute story about Pablo Picasso's dog Lumpito, and how he ended up with the painter. 

The book ends by talking about how Lumpito appeared in some of Picasso's work, including The Maids of Honor.  So naturally, we had to go look at the original painting, which led to a refresher on Pablo Picasso.

We wanted to do an art project, but we had already done Picasso-style self portraits.  Instead, we decided to make our own version of Three Musicians.

Three Musicians, 1921 by Pablo Picasso

The kids cut geometric shapes (being sure to use straight lines and angles) from construction paper in colors similar to the original.  They glued them on to form their own musicians.  I found the original idea here in Parents magazine.

Miss M's version of Three Musicians

The Bug's version of Three Musicians

This was a bit too complicated for The Bug, although he did enjoy cutting.  It was a perfect project for Miss M.

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