Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Asteroids, the Moon and the Sun

We are wrapping up our science year with the last few units in Real Science Odyssey's Earth & Space Science.  We did the work in the book (including charting the moon phases for a month) but added a few additional activities as well. Science is one of Miss M's favorite topics and she loves when we add hands-on work.

We read about the phases of the moon in several books, and Miss M made a book to help her remember them.

She is working on her Astronomy badge at DIY.ORG and needed to make a model of an asteroid.  After learning about meteors and asteroids she made this one out of paper and aluminum foil she spray painted black.

She also did this Parts of the Sun activity I found at The Wise Nest.  Miss M really loved this one, and there is quite a bit of information on each phase included.

Next up, we will be making a model of the solar system and investigating each planet in a bit more depth.

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