Saturday, August 23, 2014

The First Post In Almost a Year

(I am linking up to Weekly-Wrap Up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Collage Friday at Homegrown Learners this week.)

I ended up taking an unplanned blog-break the last ten months.  Going from one student at home to three including one in middle-school, plus some health issues and a fussy computer just drained any time or desire I had to blog.  However, since this is our family scrapbook, I really do miss having the memories of the little day-to-day things preserved, and I am hoping to return to regularly blogging this year.

Miss M (2nd grade) and The Bug (K4) went back to school in mid-July, although we eased in and are just now up to a regular schedule.  The Boyscout (9th grade) is studying right now for several Credit-by-Exam tests, and then will begin his school year the first week of September.  (Our public high school goes back on Monday and he wants to stick close to their schedule for now.)

Here is a little bit of what we are up to this last week.

The Bug has been very interested in math lately.  Here he is tracing the missing numbers, playing with playdough number mats, building a puzzle, matching up and lower case letters to make ladybugs, making numbers with shape blocks, and driving his car on road numbers.  We have also done quite a few pages in our our All About Reading books and worked on a bunch of oral rhyming games.  He loves to make up silly rhymes!

(Clockwise from top left:) Miss M is working on a civics unit using America, My Country from Our Lady of Victory (not an affiliate link).  We are doing Saxon 3 right now for math, and she insists on timing herself on the fact sheets.  Using my rooster-shaped kitchen timer adds some fun, apparently!  She is also doing lots of writing, both assigned and creating stories in her free time.  Miss M is studying Earth and Space science this year, but you can often find her and The Bug playing with our science tools - in this case our magnets.

As you can see, sometimes she works at her desk, sometimes at the kitchen table, sometimes on a clipboard in our reading corner, and often on the floor.  One of the benefits of homeschool is working wherever you are comfortable!

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