Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning About India Then and Now

We have spent the last few weeks learning about the country of India.  We started with the history of Ancient India, and moved on to the culture that exists today.  We read a number of books (our library had many to choose from) and watched several videos online.  Miss M also did some hands-on projects:

Hand-made clay bricks similar to those used in Mohenjo Daro.  This was a several-day project as we let the bricks air-dry in the sun.

A paper-plate peacock, the national bird of India.  We got our inspiration from The Crafty Chicken.

A tissue-paper lotus flower, the national flower of India.

Examining tastes of India.  I laid six spices from India out in dishes and Miss M and The Bug examined them using all of their senses.

Some were tastier than others!

We watched a video of ladies painting henna mehndis, and then Miss M made her own paper version.

Miss M etched styrofoam to make her own seal.

We also did our own version of painted elephants, and the Taj Mahal out of Legos.  This was a fun unit study for both of the younger kids.  Miss M loves to craft and adding these to her studies really helps bring them to life for her.

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