Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Help, I'm Stuck!

I was in the other room when I heard The Bug say "Help, I'm Stuck!"  I go running in to see that he had taken a large wad of packing tape and stuck it to the side of my kitchen island.  He had intentionally backed into it and "stuck" himself to the tape. 

Of course, once he saw he had my attention he had to do it a few dozen more times!

Friday, May 10, 2013

For You Mama

When The Boyscout was little, he always used to pick dandelions and bring them to me.  He hasn't done that in a few years now, but the other day this little boy knocked on the back door, held out his fistful of yellow flowers and said "For you Mama."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Building a Ziggurat

Miss M spent the last week working on a project of her own - building a ziggurat out of cereal boxes.

First, she glued several boxes together in decreasing size order.  Next, she painted them brown to hide the markings on the boxes.

When that dried, she mixed cornmeal into her paint for the second layer.  She did a 50/50 mix, but I would recommend doing much less cornmeal next time, the paint was VERY thick.

Once the second layer was dry, it gave her project a very sandy, textured look.

Then she gathered sticks and used the hot glue gun to make a ladder.  She moved the project off the tray she had been using, and onto a cardboard base.

 She painted the base brown, and added a blue river at one side.

She has been playing with the zigguar on her desk all week. 

We did go to the craft store and buy some small wooden pegs which she is currently turning into people to add to her play. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tot School: Weather

Tot School 
The Bug is 35 months old

We spent the last three weeks going over weather for Tot School.  This was perfect as we had 90 degree days, frosty cold days and lots of rain and storms to observe.  Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

Like his sister, The Bug is showing an early preference for math-related activities.  He enjoyed a number of activities including:

Counting how many raindrops.

Counting and adding the proper number card.

Arranging flowers in size order from smallest to largest.
Playing a game.  He rolled the dice and counted out how many squares to move.

Matching a picture to the proper shape.
Sorting rainclouds into small, medium and large.

We hosted some friends for a science playdate one day.  Along with talking about the weather cycle, we did a few rain-cloud related experiments.  This one with the shaving cream and food coloring was a HUGE hit with The Bug.  We redid it several times at home over the week.

We also did some hot and cold sorting.

The Bug is just starting to learn his alphabet, so we did several works focused on letters.  Dot stampers are a favorite around here, and he uses them whenever he can.
Dotting stamping letter F for flower.

Dot stamping the letter F raindrops only.

Dot stamping the letter R for raincloud.
He played with out alphabet puzzle many times.

Sorting lowercase and capital letter Fs.

Doing prewriting tracing sheets.
More sorting, this time lowercase and capital Rs.  He was so proud of himself!
One day we ate a blue jello and whipped cream cloud parfaits for dessert.  The recipe came from here.

We also did some fun art projects.  One day I gave him white, black, silver and yellow paint and he and Miss M painted their own cloud scenes.

Another day, we read the book Little Cloud by Eric Carle and did some shaving cream cloud art.  We mixed the shaving cream half and half with glue, and it keeps the shape after it dries.  My mom sent me this idea, and the kids LOVED it.

After he sorted the flowers by size, he decided to make his own collage.  He asked for paper and glue, and glued them all down.  Then he asked for green paint and painted over the top.

Finally, we did some rainbow handprints.  (The footprint was made using the side of his fist and was just for fun.)

Printables we used are from:

Those were our few weeks spent learning about clouds and rain!