Monday, September 16, 2013

American Girl Studies: Kaya's Parfleche

One of the things we are doing for Miss M this year is a study of American History using the American Girl dolls. We started with Kaya, and have been having a lot of fun reading the stories and learning more about the Nez Perce tribe.  Miss M was very excited when she realized the first story takes place at a spot she has actually visited.  We saw these petroglyphs and pictographs last year on a visit to Washington State.

One of the first activities we did was to make our own parfleches.  A parfleche is a painted rawhide envelope used for storage.  Women drew patterns onto wet hides and then filled them in with bright paints.  We followed the pattern found here to make our own out of a brown paper bag.

 After we cut the bag into the proper shape, Miss M first drew and then painted her designs on.

Once it was dried, we folded in the long sides, then crossed the shorter sides over each other and secured them with a shoelace (our version of rawhide string).

This is one of Miss M's favorite parts of our day, and we have many more activities planned before we leave this time period.

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