Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Changes in our Homeschool

I have been blessed to have both Miss M and The Bug learning at home.  Miss M will be in first grade this year, and The Bug will be doing a light Pre-K year.  The Boyscout has always attended public school, and then a classical charter school this past year. 

For a variety of reasons, we have made the decision to bring The Boyscout home this year.  That means we will have an 8th grader in the schoolroom with us!  The thought brings both immense joy and also a tiny bit of panic to my heart.  It helps that this was his decision, and one he feels at peace about.  But, I must admit to feeling a bit of pressure, it being both his first year at home and his last year before high school. 

So we are spending the next few weeks ordering his curriculum, revamping the learning spaces in the house to allow him a quiet spot to work, and trying to find a new schedule that will work for all three learners and one happy Mom. 

Wish us luck on this new adventure!

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