Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Building a Ziggurat

Miss M spent the last week working on a project of her own - building a ziggurat out of cereal boxes.

First, she glued several boxes together in decreasing size order.  Next, she painted them brown to hide the markings on the boxes.

When that dried, she mixed cornmeal into her paint for the second layer.  She did a 50/50 mix, but I would recommend doing much less cornmeal next time, the paint was VERY thick.

Once the second layer was dry, it gave her project a very sandy, textured look.

Then she gathered sticks and used the hot glue gun to make a ladder.  She moved the project off the tray she had been using, and onto a cardboard base.

 She painted the base brown, and added a blue river at one side.

She has been playing with the zigguar on her desk all week. 

We did go to the craft store and buy some small wooden pegs which she is currently turning into people to add to her play. 

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