Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Static Electricity

We have a few friends we get together with every Wednesday to do a small science co-op.  So far this year we have studied parachutes (measuring how long it took parachutes of varying diameter to reach the ground) and static electricity.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for parachute day.

For this experiment, the kids rubbed balloons on their hair to create static electricity and then used it to push an empty soda can across the floor.

They also picked-up shredded tissue paper with the balloon.

We used both small and large balloons and the kids predicted, then tested, which would have a greater effect on the can and tissue.

Even The Bug wanted in on the science fun!

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  1. Hi Amy! I love your static electricity experiments! I just found your blog (love the name!) I'm your newest follower!

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