Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hands-On History

We are still studying the early Egyptians, and Miss M has greatly enjoyed the projects we are doing. She made a paper diagram of the Nile River, complete with a crocodile to swim it one day.  (These are from the Evan Moor History Pockets.)

Next, she colored and cut out some Egyptian paper dolls to play with.  These are a huge hit!

We also began our timeline finally.  We are using the Story of the World cards from Mary at Tending Our Lords Garden, glued onto some poster board on the wall just outside our schoolroom.  I think having the picture is a great help to Miss M in remembering what each one represents.

She has done some other projects, including mummifying an apple in salt and baking soda,

and building a pyramid out of Legos complete with a mini Lego figure entombed inside.

So far our hands-on approach is paying off, as she is loving history almost as much as her big brother does.

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