Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tot School: Fine Motor Skills

Tot School 
The Bug is 28 months old

We have not been working on a theme the last few weeks. Instead, we have just been working on reviewing our colors and shapes and working on our fine motor skills.  The Bug spent some time working with Cars stickers.

And a lot of time painting and drawing both on paper and the easel.

He has really been enjoying his Frogs on a Log. We have used these for naming colors, counting to ten, and doing some beginning sorting and patterning.

Miss M showed her brother how to sweep up their cereal mess one morning. I love how she teaches him things that she learned at this age!

One of The Bug's favorite things right now is books.  He loves to look through them himself, and of course read alouds.

One thing I didn't photograph is The Bug's speech therapy flashcards.  These are his favorite part of school, though, and he often asks to do them several times a day.


  1. He looks totally into his book! Don't you just love watching them read their books themselves :-)

  2. Where did you get your LOG? We have the container of frogs but not a log! Thanks for sharing your tot ideas!

  3. That looks a great week. Our little ones are of the same age and mine is crazy about stickers too :)

  4. Thank you all for the comments. Unfortunately I don't believe Funtastic makes the frog logs any longer, and the ones I see online are usually very expensive. If I find I good source, I will be sure to link back.


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