Monday, September 10, 2012

All About Bones

Miss M is studying the human skeleton for science, and did some fun activities to go along this past week.  First, she glued a skeleton together using the pieces from her lab book.  (We are using REAL Science Odyssey Life this year.)

 Next, we played a game of Simon Says using body parts.  Here she is tickling her ribs.

My wonderful mother made Miss M this large felt body to use with this unit.  She was careful to make sure it was accurate down to the number of ribs and and the way the arm bones connect.  Miss M LOVES this, and she has put it together every day.

I saw this project for a hand x-ray from Making Homeschool Fun, and knew Miss M would love it.  I used chalk instead of paint to do the outline, and then Miss M glued Q-tips for the bones.  This was so much fun!

We have really enjoyed studying the human skeleton, and will be moving on to muscles this week with more fun activities.

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