Friday, August 24, 2012

Tanzania, Plant Cells and Dimes

Despite needing to run a number of errands and appointments to get The Boyscout ready for his school to start on Monday, we successfully completed our second week of this fall term.  Instead of a run-down on all we did, I am just going to touch on a few highlights this week.

We continued on with science, doing an experiment using jello and fruit to construct animal and plant cell models.  This was a big hit, and I find Miss M is really enjoying the hands-on science.

For math we continued to work on skip counting.  Since Miss M now knows how to count by 10s, we played a number of store games using dimes.  Store is one of her favorite games right now, and she was so happy to incorporate it into school.  We also worked on recognizing the words for the numbers one through ten.  I made a simple matching game using dot cards, numeral cards and the number words to practice the word recognition.

We began our geography study this week.  We will be traveling around the world using pictures books.  We started with Tanzania since Neema, the little girl we sponsor, lives there.  Miss M located Tanzania on our wall map, colored a map of the country including a pink heart for where Neema lives, colored the Tanzanian flag and glued it into her passport, looked up the animals who live in the area, and looked at Mt. Kilimanjaro on Google Earth.  We read several books including Lala Salama: A Tanzanian Lullaby, Elizabeti's Doll and the sequel Mama Elizabeti, and My Rows and Piles of Coins.

Miss M wants to make a bead necklace like the women in the Maasai tribe wear, so that is on our to-do list for this weekend.  We are also still working on saying hello in Swahili!

That was our week.  I am linking up to Weekly Wrap-up and Preschool and Kindergarten Corner this week.

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