Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting With Watercolor Crayons

We are using Artistic Pursuits for art curriculum this year, and the second lesson involves watercolor crayons.  As much art as we do, and especially as much painting, Miss M had never used watercolor crayons before!

First she lightly sketched her drawing with a pencil, and then colored it in with the crayons.  (I made sure to get the recommended brand, and the color just glided onto the watercolor paper.  I think this is one of those times when the little bit extra for a nicer quality supply really pays off.)

We practiced brush techniques on a separate sheet, and when she felt ready she applied the water to her drawing.

She was enthralled with the whole process, although hesitant about what she should draw.  (She chose to do Rapunzel with Eugene caught in her hair and her lizard pet from the movie Tangled.)

She is already asking to use these again and I plan to let her experiment all week long with this fun process!

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