Monday, August 13, 2012

Our New Schoolroom

Not Back to School Blog HopSix months ago, we converted our formal dining room into a school room.  We love having a dedicated space where all of our supplies and books can be in one spot, but we were not using our space efficiently.  For one thing, wall space in this room is very limited.  It also had a low-hanging chandelier that limited furniture placement.  We have worked hard all summer (and by we I mean my dear husband) to convert the space into something usable.  I love our new space, and judging by the amount of time they spend in there, so do the kids!

Here is our room if you are looking into it from our kitchen.

 My husband replaced the old chandelier with a new ceiling fan/light combo.  We solved the wall space problem by filling in one doorway with a temporary wall.  On the inside we added Ikea spice racks for books related to our current themes.  The wall is actually hinged and swings open like a doorway - one of the kids favorite features!  (I still need to add some floor pillows to this reading nook.)

Next to that wall is The Bug's little table.  Above it is the art gallery.  I bought the vinyl letters on Etsy, and made the hanging boards by using clothespins and 1x2's spray painted black.  The original idea came from here.

In the corner sits a drawer unit for playdough, coloring books, and other toys used at the little table.  On top is my "desk".

One the right-hand side of the room is another piece my husband built and my favorite part of the room - partner desks separated by bookcases.

These allow both Miss M and The Boyscout to have their own desk space and give me two full bookcases without taking up wall space.  The desk tops are a little higher than normal which makes them a great height for me to stand by them without having to bend over all the time!   To compensate, Miss M's chair is a bar-height chair while The Boyscout has a regular dining chair.

The front corner holds our art easel, which is also our whiteboard space.  On the wall to the kitchen we have our world map, and eventually our timeline will go here as well.

The wall on the left has The Bug's school board, our calendar, and two shelves that hold our binders, math manipulatives, leveled readers, and The Bug's speech therapy materials.  I still need to cover the second shelf with fabric.  Hiding the things on them helps keep The Bug out of them and reduces messes, but still allows me to get into the space.

That is the tour of our little schoolroom!  We are already making great use of it, and I am sure you will be seeing lot's of pictures of the room this year.  To see other school rooms, visit the Not Back to School Blog hop!

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  1. Nice- love the Desk Apprentice! It is one of my favorite purchases :)


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