Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum Choices

Not Back to School Blog HopI am participating this year in the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop, and this week's theme is curriculum.  Miss M will officially be a Kindergartener this fall, The Boyscout will be in 7th grade, and The Bug will be doing Tot School.  The Boyscout is attending a local Classical school this year, so only Miss M and The Bug will be homeschooling.


Our plans for Miss M were influenced by Mater Amabilis, a free Charlotte Mason-style curriculum for Catholics, although we are not following it exactly.

Faith Formation:
Once upon a Time Saints (2 stories per week)
New Catholic Picture Bible (2 stories per week)
Catholic Mosaic (one or two stories per month)
Living Faith Kids (we do this as a family daily at breakfast)
Virtues in Practice (one virtue a month as a family)

Memory Work (Daily):
Classically Catholic Memory Year Alpha (The Boyscout will be doing this as well)

Language Arts (Daily):
We will be doing copywork and oral narration to work on grammar and writing skills.
For literature we will be reading fables and folktales from around the world
All About Reading Level 2 (when it is released in September) for Phonics

Math (Daily):
Finish Saxon Math 1 and then start Saxon Math 2

Science (2 x/Week):

Nature Study (1x/Week):
We will be using a variety of resources including The Nature Connection and Christian Liberty Nature Readers.

History (2x/Week):
We will be using the history plans from St. Jerome Catholic School.  Our spine will be Story of the World 1 with many supplemental materials.  We will only be covering the Cradle of Civilization this year, and will save Greece and Rome for another year.

Geography (2x/Week):
We will be traveling around the World using picture books from our local library and lesson plans I have written myself.  We will also be doing monthly lessons on the state of Texas.

Languages (3x/Week):
American Sign Language

Fine Arts:
We will be studying a different composer, artist and poet each quarter

Lots of time outside playing, bike riding, swimming lessons, ballet/tap


Tot School (Age 2):

The Bug will be doing Tot School this year.  We are using Hubbard's Cupboard's Joyful Heart Curriculum as our starting ground and then adding other themes I think he will like.  We will begin doing some Montessori practical life work when he appears ready.  A large part of The Bug's work will focus around increasing his vocabulary and his speech therapy work.

What will you be using this coming school year?  You can link up and see other mom's choices over at the  Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop.


  1. My little guys is just a few months younger than yours. I'm excited to see what you do for tot school. I have not seen anyone use the Joyful Heart curriculum before, but will definitely check back for ideas!

  2. Hey! Hopping over from Not Back to School Hop! I Joyful Heart is so neat !
    Happy Schooling!

  3. Great plan & BEAUTIFUL children! This is our first year, we are doing University Model schooling! and using A Beka books.. any tips?


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