Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clothespin Fairies

Yesterday, while The Bug napped, Miss M and I made clothespin fairies. I bought this craft kit months ago, but you could easily do these on your own. The round clothespins are usually easy to find at the craft store. After that, we used yarn, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, paint, foam for the wings and glue.

First, we painted the clothespins. Once that dried, we drew faces on using Sharpie markers. Yarn was knotted together and glued for the hair. Pipe cleaner arms and foam wings were also glued on. Finally, we accordion-folded tissue paper to make the skirts.

Miss M had been playing with her fairies ever since.

 She is asking for some pink and blue ones next, so I see another craft day in our future.

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