Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Head Start on History

Originally, I did not plan to start our new curriculum until August.  However, after a week of summer Miss M is already begging to go back to a school schedule, and especially to start our history lessons.  (This year we are going to be studying the Cradle of Civilization and the Old Testament using the plans from St. Jerome Classical School.)  So, we went ahead and got started today. 

We did the "What is History" activities from the Evan-Moor Ancient Civilizations history pockets and discussed what the word history meant. 

The Bug decided he wanted in on the coloring and gluing, so The Boyscout helped him make his own pocket book. (Yes, he is left-handed.)

As long as Miss M remains interested, we will continue to work our way through our history plans this summer.

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