Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Week In Review (May 6-12)

The rest of May is going to be a very busy time for us with the end of this school term for both M and J, a ballet recital, Baby B's second birthday, and a much anticipated visit from Grandma.  While we school year round, we officially switch school years at the end of May.  All that to say we did not do much official school this week.

J had his Ordeal weekend for Order of the Arrow (the national honor society for Boy Scouts).  He passed and earned his sash to be an official OA member.  This was a personal goal of his, and we are very happy to see him accomplish it in just 14 months after becoming an official boy scout.

 Miss M is still working on reading and math (we switched both in January) but is done with all her other subjects for this year.  She is enjoying the end of the soccer season, preparing for a big ballet recital in which she has two dances, and generally just being adorable.

Baby B did do some school work with week.  We have mainly been focusing on doing the PROMPT work the speech therapist has assigned him, but he did find some time for dot-stamping, stickers and cup stacking (his own selections).

 I have several posts coming soon about our school plans over the summer, and our curriculum for this next school year.

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