Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School Plans for Summer Quarter

I have mentioned before that we like to school year-round here.  Usually we take it a bit lighter in the summer and follow rabbit-trails and do extra work on any areas that need brushing up.  (For us, summer quarter beings June 1.)

The Boyscout is our resident history buff, and his summer units always revolve around history in some way.  This year is no exception, as he will be studying Marco Polo and the Silk Road.  I have some ideas pinned on my related Pinterest board, the A&E biography ready to watch, and a pile of book ideas in my Amazon list ready to go.

Since I know Miss M always wants to join her brother, I have planned for her to study the life-cycle of a silkworm, and the legend of the Empress who discovered silk as her go-along to his unit.  If I am feeling really brave, we may tackle dyeing our own playsilks as well.

Miss M will be continuing on with her phonics lessons.  She is making great progress in reading and I don't want her to lose momentum.  Otherwise, she will be doing a unit study on the Olympics this summer.  We will be using tally marks to keep a medal count for math, looking up the locations of participating countries on the globe, studying famous past athletes and of course the origins of the first Olympics.  We might add in some study of England as well.  The Boyscout will probably join us for the history portions, and I expect The Bug will want in on the crafts.

The Bug will continue to work on his speech therapy, particularly on increasing his vocabulary of words he can say.

I am sure that with these unit studies, our bucket list, and the various enrichment camps the kids are signed up for, our summer is going to be busy.  Which, since it's usually too hot to be outside from June through August, is not a bad thing!

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