Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Bug! and An Uncle Visits

Today is The Bug's second birthday.  I cannot believe my little baby is two years old already!  Since we did his birthday party last weekend, we are just having a quiet day today.  He woke up to his special birthday balloon - a Mickey Mouse.  Later, we will have gluten-free strawberry shortcake to celebrate, since we did cake and candles last week.

One of Daddy's brothers is visiting for the weekend on his way to some training for work.  The kids have had a great time playing with Uncle Jason.  They have convinced him to draw on the chalkboard,

blow bubbles,

and play baseball.

The Boyscout has finals this coming week, so he has had to spend some time studying, but has managed to enjoy some free time as well.  Overall, it's been a nice family weekend.

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