Monday, May 14, 2012


Spring is always a season of change, and our lives are no exception.  J will be making a major schooling change next year.  He has been accepted to a new classical academy opening in our neighboring town for his 7th grade year.  It is a K-12 school, and our plan right now is that he will remain there through his high school years.  We had been anxiously waiting to hear whether he had been accepted, and the word came last week that he has a spot.  We expect it to be quite an adjustment, but think this will be much more in line with his interests and the style of education we desire for our children.

On a much lighter note, I am also going to be changing nicknames for the boys on the blog.  Now that Baby B is turning 2, Daddy and his big brother are insisting I cannot continue to call him by the moniker "Baby".  After much family discussion, we are going to change his nickname to The Bug, since that is one of the many names we call him at home.  J has decided that he is tired of being referred to as just "J" and he has requested a new nickname as well.  I have decided to call him The Boyscout since that is one of the major passions of his right now.  Miss M's blog name will not be changing.

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