Monday, April 23, 2012

St. George and the Pink GF Dragon

Today is the feast of St. George; a day my kids have been eagerly anticipating. A few years ago I made a dragon cake using the fabulous directions over at Waltzing Matilda, and I promised to make another one this year. Baby B has joined our family since I last made this cake, and since he has Celiac and cannot eat gluten, I had to modify the directions.

I used the chocolate cake mix from King Arthur Flour (yes, I used a box!) and at Miss M's request pink frosting. A dragon can be pink, right? Since I could NOT find any gluten-free ding dongs, I used the GF glazed donuts from Kinnikinnick for the thighs, feet and snout. Gluten free cake is VERY crumbly, and at this point I thought it would never turn out!

I was able to use fruit leather for wings, and GF Easter candies for eyes. I could not find a substitute for the chocolate cookies, so we used Health Valley rice bran crackers for the spikes.

It took a bit of work, but I think in the end it was a fair substitute, and every one in the family can enjoy it.

 A few decorative "swords" are ready to help our fair knights slay the evil dragon (whom Miss M has named Daisy).  We will be reading our copy of Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges after dinner this evening, and then enjoying a bit of pink, gluten-free dragon cake.

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