Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plastic Bag Butterflies

I originally had a bird craft planned for yesterday, but Miss M wanted to make butterflies. We have done the coffee filter butterflies before, so we searched through our craft book selections, and settled on the plastic bag butterfly from Kathy Ross' Crafts To Make In The Spring book.

The directions called for a gallon-sized plastic bag, but we used a page protector instead. I simply cut the edge with binder holes off, being careful not to cut it open.

Miss M stuffed tissue paper into her pouch. When she was satisfied, I folded the top over and stapled it shut. Next, she painted a clothespin purple. I glued the eyes on for her using a hot glue gun.

We gathered the bag at the center, and slid on the clothespin.  Finally, we twisted two pipe cleaners together to make antennae. Here is Miss M's completed butterfly.

We also made a few of the folded paper butterflies from over at Disney's Family site. The accordion folding was great fine motor practice for Miss M, but the twisting the pipe cleaner bodies was too hard for her to manage.

Maybe we will get to the bird craft today.

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