Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Since this blog is also our family scrapbook, I want to be sure I capture some of the things that we did over Easter weekend.

Miss M helped me with ALL of the baking for Easter.  My mom made us these matching aprons, and it has reignited Miss M's enjoyment in helping me in the kitchen.  She is usually in there with me whenever I am cooking.

We colored eggs on Saturday evening, and Baby B was VERY much into it this year.  He did make quite a mess, and cracked a few eggs, but he really enjoyed himself.  Miss M wanted to make her eggs as bright as possible (with glitter and sequins added) and J went for a crayon resist effect.

The kids did get baskets on Easter day.  J and Miss M got new bibles and Baby B got a Noah's Ark book.  Then they each got one "fun" item - a Barnes & Noble gift card for J, an animal puzzle for Baby B, and Miss M got a knit cap with braids to be Rapunzel.  I bought it on Etsy here, and to say she is loving it would be an understatement.

Finally, we went to Baby B's godmother's house for Easter dinner and their annual egg hunt.  The weather was pouring down rain, so we ended up doing an inside hunt.  Of course, the kids had just as much fun that way!  Ms. Nicole spoils the kids, and they got wonderful baskets from her as well with special religious necklaces for Miss M and J and a guardian angel cross for Baby B.

It was a wonderful weekend!

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