Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weather and Art

I know that at first weather and art seem like an unusual combination.  We took the kids to the Art Museum for a special family day, and that was the theme.

Miss M and Baby B made cloud flip books, gluing cotton balls to make the shapes of the clouds.  When the pages are flipped, a description of each type of cloud is underneath.  Baby B is getting more and more interested in doing art projects, and had a great time with this one.

J and Miss M also sat in on a very fascinating art appreciation workshop.  The tour guide took the kids to see Pine Buttes, Wyoming by Thomas Moran, Duck Island by Childe Hassam, and Composition 7 Snow by Raymond Jonson.  All three were American artists who painted during the 1910s and 1920s.  The kids sat in front of each painting and the guide led them through a lesson where they determined the weather depicted in each painting, and discussed how that would sound, smell and feel if you were in the paintings. They discussed colors and perspective and how these added to the feel of each painting.  The kids were then given sheets and sent off to analyze the weather in a painting of their choosing.  J chose a painting of Icebergs, but I can't find his sheet so I will have to add the name of the painting later.

Miss M chose Winter Scene in Brooklyn by Francis Guy.  Her responses to the art were:
What Would the scene sound like:  Thunder, noises from the houses, people
What Would the scene smell like:  Smoky from fireplaces
What Would the scene feel like:  Wet, cold, rough houses, dirt on the roads
What do you see in the painting:  Clouds, dirty snow, houses, bare trees, roads
What type of day is this:  A winter day like Christmas
What does this kind of day make you think of:  Snowball fights, Christmastime
If you made your own painting about this type of day, what would it look like:  Lots of snow, sleds, kids playing, snowmen

I liked this technique and thought it really helped the kids to see the details in the paintings.  We will be doing this more often in the future.

Finally, Miss M and Baby B enjoyed the kids' space where they got to play and explore textures.  Baby B spent a lot of time at the grass wall, while Miss M built with the magnetic squares.  J was off sketching a portrait of a French Revolutionary War soldier.

(Sorry for the picture quality.  They don't allow cameras in the museum, so these are from the phone.)

It was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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  1. I love the guiding questions! The grass wall looks like a fun texture too!


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