Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Salute to Winter

The weather outside is definitely making us think Spring, but inside we spent one last day on Winter.   We had a snowman-themed play date today.  First, we made the kids into snowmen using a roll of toilet paper and a hat, scarf, mittens and buttons.

Then, Miss M did a craft using poly-fil to make her snowman.

 Baby B wasn't so much into the snowmen, but he did work with tongs for the first time today.  This pair is very hard to use, and I was pleased to see he kept trying until he was able to get them closed.

Now that we gave Winter one last hurray, we can focus on Lent and Easter!

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  1. Your snowman just needs a carrot nose. We made some out of toilet paper tubes that were cut and taped to resemble a carrot shape, and then mod podged on layers of orange tissue paper. Added an elastic string and voila!
    Next year though -- spring is sprouting.
    Love reading your blog!


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