Friday, January 13, 2012

"Salty" Snowglobes

Miss M did a quick snow globe art and writing project today.  First, I just cut a circle out of pale blue construction paper and a black base to go with it.  Miss M and I talked about all the different things that could be in a snow globe (she saw one recently so it was fresh in her mind).  Then, she drew a picture in her circle.  She actually went through four circles before finally getting a drawing she was happy with.  In the end, she drew herself.

After it was glued together, I started the writing prompt "Inside my snow globe is...." and she wrote the rest (with spelling help).  She wrote "M__ playing in the snow."  Then, we wanted to make it look like the snow was falling, so Miss M covered over her drawing with glue and sprinkled on the salt.

She went a little heavy (more is better when you are four), so it looks more like a blizzard, but she was very happy with the results.  

(The white strip of paper is just covering up the rest of her name for the photo.)

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