Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grinch Scramble and A Catch-Up

My mother reminded me that I got behind in posting again, so this is going to be a quick catch-up from the rest of our week. Miss M, Baby B and I still have colds, so to be perfectly honest we didn't do many crafts this week. Here is a glimpse of the activities we did do:

Miss M made some ornaments on Wednesday using a kit Grandma had sent to the kids.

Miss M and Baby B did a lot of snuggling (these two are inseparable).

And Baby B was his usual goofy self.

The magnetic nativity set has been a big hit with both little kids.(J took a magnetic penguin set to school for his locker).

Our town held it's second annual grinch scramble on Friday night.  They fill a football field with candy canes, peppermints, bubbles, and four stuffed grinches.  Then they give the kids flashlights and bags, turn off the lights, and it is a mad scramble to collect the goodies.

J decided to go in a Ninja stealth mode:

Baby B went with a flashlight bigger than he is:

And Miss M ended up with more candy than both her brothers combined:

All three of the kids had a great time!!

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