Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Books Days 3 and 4

I was out of town this weekend for a girls' trip, so I am posting both Saturday's and Sunday's books together.

For Saturday, our book was Red Sled by Patricia Thomas. 
This is a story about a boy and his dad having fun with their red sled. The bright pictures and simple two-word rhyming text of this story make it perfect for a beginner reader. Instead of a craft, Daddy took the kids to look at Christmas lights Saturday evening. (We don't have any snow for sledding!)

Sunday's book was The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy Tillman, the author of On the Night You Were Born. This is a wonderful book with so many layers to it. You have beautiful illustrations and story about preparing for Christmas and remembering that the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth. You also have the face of the spirit of Christmas skillfully hidden on each page, which Miss M liked to find. Finally, you have a holiday song's lyrics woven into each illustration.

We did a simple Christmas Tree craft for this one. First, I cut a tree out of green construction paper and punched small holes all over it. Then, Miss M glued colored tissue paper all over the back of the tree.

When you put it where the light shines through, you can see the colored paper looking like Christmas tree lights.

The bigger the holes you punch, the more color you see. We are rainy today, but on a sunny day I am hoping this will look great in the window.

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