Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Books Days 10-12

For day ten, we read The Legend of the Christmas Stocking by Rick Osborne.  This story is set in the 1800s in New York, and features a young  boy named Peter.  Peter has been saving the money he makes selling newspapers to buy a wooden boat.  At the last minute he is inspired by the story of St. Nicholas and the legend behind the Christmas stocking to use the money for presents for a different purpose.  Of course, there is a surprise for Peter at the end of the story as well.  For a go-along, Miss M cut out a felt stocking (I had drawn her a pattern to follow) and decorated it with buttons and glitter glue.

Book 11 was The Twelve Days of Christmas by Jane Ray.  The illustrations in this version are full of details and surprises.  This version is based in the city, and we watch a young woman's house get busier and busier as her true love sends her gift after gift.  Miss M thought it was fun to count how many birds she got total.  We didn't do a craft for this book, instead we went to listen to the local symphony's annual Christmas concert (our version of pipers piping).  It was a nice grouping of symphony, hand bells, adult choir and youth choir.  Of course, the fact that Daddy was playing was the highlight of the evening!

For Book 12, we read a different version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Both versions we read are new this year, and I thought reading them back-to-back would be a great way to contrast two versions of the same story and talk about similarities and differences.  (One calls them "calling birds" and another "collie birds" for example.)  This version by Laurel Long is so beautifully illustrated.  Miss M and I spent a long time looking at each picture in intricate detail finding the gifts from previous pages that are hidden in the illustrations.  (The inside cover has a key to help you find the hidden gifts if you need.)  This is by far my favorite version of the Twelve Days ever.  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

To go along with it, we decorated our own tree.  I had wanted to do our own version of a pear tree, but Miss M insisted on decorating a "real Christmas tree" instead.  She used small pom poms as her ornaments, and she was very careful to place each one exactly where she wanted it.

The kids are really enjoying reading a new book each day, and we are going back to revisit previously read books whenever we feel like it.  There are some definite favorites among our selections!

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