Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Book Countdown: Day Two

Today's book was The Christmas Tree Shipby Jeanette Winter.  This is a true story about a father who delivers Christmas trees to Chicago via ship every year in the late 1890s.  One year, there is a great storm and the father and his ship is lost on Lake Michigan and never heard from again.  However, the next year the mom and her young daughters cut down the trees and sail a new ship into Chicago, continuing the tradition for many years to come.

The story of the Christmas Tree ship is a true story.  The versionof this story I wanted wasn't available at our library, so I chose this one instead.  While I admire the message of courage and tradition in the story, I don't recommend the book to a child who will be easily upset by the Dad's death. 

Originally, I had planned to make a boat craft, but Miss M was more interested in the snow and the blizzard part of the book so we made coffee filter snowflakes instead.

I helped her fold the coffee filters into eighths, and she did the cutting.

We have our own blizzard of snowflakes now, as Miss M made over 20 of them!

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