Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will It Float?

A friend of mine started a local home learners group, and we have been meeting for some fun activities she planned out.  The first was a floating experiment.  The kids created boats from modeling clay (with some help from the Moms) and then tried to float them in a tub full of water.

 We let them play for a few minutes and then led them into a discussion on why some boats floated better than others. 

Finally, we extended it by laying pennies on the boats and seeing which could hold the most pennies.  This was a fun experiment (who doesn't love playing in water) and will also be a great one to revisit when Miss M is older.  You can see more pictures over at Homeschooling the Cameron Clan

Baby B spent the morning playing, but was ready to fish the boats out if we needed.



  2. Thanks for the leafpeople idea!! I featured it on my blog and gave you linky love. Thanks for helping me make memories with my little artist!!

    Gianne at


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