Friday, November 18, 2011

A Pilgrim Girl & Thanksgiving Bracelet

I have seen some adorable pilgrim crafts in a lot of places on the Web, and knew Miss M would love to make one.  I didn't use a particular pattern, I just freehand drew the pieces to cut out using this picture as my guide. 

After her pilgrim girl was glued together, we wrote the things Miss M was thankful for on a piece of paper and glued it to her pilgrim girl.  Her list included toys, her friends, and her brothers.  (The paper on top is covering the names of her brothers.)

We also made these adorable Thanksgiving Story bracelets from First Grader at Last.  Each bead color represents a part of the First Thanksgiving story (white mayflower sails, blue ocean, red cranberries, etc.)  I read the poem to her (found at the link above), and then she selected the beads and strung them on a pipe cleaner. 

 Simple but a fun way to remember the story!

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