Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers

I was recently given the opportunity to review A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers by Melissa E. Craig and Maggie S. Hogan from Bright Ideas Press

I was excited to receive this product, as I have long wanted a comprehensive but easy to implement composer study program that we could do as a family.

This program is nicely written and well laid out. The book includes 32 weeks of lessons covering six periods of music and 26 famous composers. It is arranged chronologically and includes a brief introduction to each period of music followed by biographies for composers during that time frame. Each biography includes note-taking sheets and a review sheet.

My favorite part of the curriculum is the wide variety of activities that go along with the biographies including:

  • Composer information cards and game

  • Composer timelines
  • Printable mapping activities

  • Coloring sheets
  • Instructions and game cards for composer Memory, Go-Fish, Bingo, Jeopardy and a timeline game
  • Instructions and sheets to use for making folderbooks (similar to lapbooks)

There are also fantastic tips for what to listen for in each composer’s suggested music pieces, links to where the music can be found online, and even a list of additional resources in case you wish to learn more about a particular composer.

The fact that this is an e-book means that I can print only those activities we are going to use each week, but a hard copy of the book is available. This program is intended for grades 4-8 (ages 9-13), and I think the depth of the materials reflect that. However, the wide variety of additional resources allows us to include Miss M in some of the activities as well. I think you could adapt this curriculum to include your younger or older children very easily.

To learn more about The Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers visit Bright Ideas Press or the Timberdoodle Web site.

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And don’t forget to check out the many other music-related resources offered by Timberdoodle.  If you don't already receive their free catalog of fantastic Homeschool Resources, I suggest you sign up for it.

I was provided this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. I was offered no other forms of compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.

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