Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BFIAR: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Lately, Baby B has been interested in the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.  This has resparked Miss M's interest in the book as well, so we are taking a small break from dinosaurs and doing some book-related activities this week.

For math, we graphed gummy bears.  This was good practice sorting, counting and graphing all in one.  We worked on reading our graphs and deciding which color had the most and least.  I just made the graph very quickly in Excel using the color words for practice.

Next we made a 3-D map of the story (from Making Learning Fun).  First Miss M cut out the pieces and colored them:

Then she glued them onto our construction paper map in the order they appear in the story:

Then she practiced retelling the story using our map:

Finally she used the word cards to sequence the story on her whiteboard.  (I added the drawings afterward at her request.) 

We have many more fun activities planned for today for both Miss M and Baby B to go along with the book. Both Susana at Our Homeschool Fun and Michelle at Delightful Learning have fantastic posts detailing lots of great ideas for this book as inspiration, and Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations has a printables pack as a go-along as well.

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