Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Moon

In addition to our regular curriculum, we have been focusing on studying our solar system this month and this week we spent some time focused on our moon.

After discussing characteristics of the moon and how the craters on the moon were formed, we did an experiment to recreate the moon's craters.  J actually did this experiment in 5th Grade science class, and we recreated it at home.  We filled a pie plate with flour, and had our marble asteroid bump into the moon and create craters.

Miss M loved doing this activity!

Next, we worked on the phases of the moon.  Given Miss M's age, I was only concerned that she understand that the shape of the moon appears to change over the course of 28 days, but not worried about her learning the correct terminology for each phase.  To illustrate this, we did this experiment using oreo cookies cut to represent each moon phase, an idea I found on Science Bob.

This was by far her favorite of the activities! 

Finally, we used the salt painting technique we have used before to make a salt moon.  First, Miss M drew her moon shape (she chose a full moon) onto her paper.

Next she added glue stick to her drawing,

and finally she sprinkled on salt I had dyed yellow with food coloring.

She shook off the excess and had me write the moon phase for her.

Overall, it was a fun week learning about our moon.  We will finish our study of the solar system next week with stars and constellations. 

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