Thursday, August 25, 2011

stART: A Bad Case of Stripes

Miss M has been loving a book she picked at the library: Bad Case Of Stripes by David Shannon. When Camilla Cream is not true to who she is (she is embarrassed to admit she likes lima beans) she breaks out in stripes and horrible other things until finally she is true to herself.

For our project, I printed a photograph of Miss M onto watercolor paper.  I made sure to pick a picture where she had a bow in her hair, since Camilla Cream always has a pink bow in her hair no matter what else she looks like.  Then Miss M painted on stripes with watercolors.

I was impressed how careful she was to match the color order she painted with the order on the book.

We cut it out and mounted it onto a black background to make it pop!

I am linking this project to stART over at A Mommy's Adventures and to Kids Get Crafty at Red Ted Art. Both these blogs have great ideas for fun book-related art projects.


  1. This is the cutest project!!! I really like this book, I will have to take it out again from the library...I don't think Emily would even remember it that is how long it has been since we read it :0)

  2. Oh wow! She did brilliant! I am very impressed too! How clever! And the book looks wonderfully fun!

    Thank you for joining in at Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I found your idea for A Bad Case of Stripes via Pinterest. I created a blog for teachers on ways to use different books in the classroom. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link back to your site with this idea because I think this art project is so great.

  4. Hey hi I really loved this idea and want to do it with my kids here back in India. Can I please know on what paper did u print the pic the regular photo paper?


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