Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solar System: Planets Distance

As we continue to study our solar system, I wanted to do a project to illustrate the planets' distances from the sun. We found the dimensions here to illustrate the distances in a scaled model using either inches, feet or toilet paper squares. We decided to use the toilet paper method because 1) Miss M could count the squares easier 2) the long blank sheets of toilet paper better illustrated the space between the planets better and 3) it was just more fun!

First we drew a chalk sun on the sidewalk as our starting point, and then we started rolling out toilet paper and counting squares.

We placed balls and labels on the line to represent our planets as we went.

When we were done, we had placed Neptune over 50 feet away from our starting point.

(We are being scientifically accurate and not counting Pluto as a planet even though I learned it differently.)

For some reason I failed to photograph the complete distance down the line (it was HOT outside so we were in a hurry) but it was a fantastic illustration.

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