Friday, August 5, 2011

Sea Turtles Up Close

The island we stayed at while on vacation (Tybee Island, GA) is one of the places where endangered sea turtles come up onto the beach to lay their nests. One of the things we did while there was attend a Turtle Talk class at the local marine biology center. We learned all about sea turtles, particularly the five types that are native to the area. We learned about the characteristics of each, their food (one eats jellyfish) and life cycles.

They had a sea turtle shell for the kids to look at,

vertebrae bones and skulls,

and confiscated items that are examples of the items humans have made out of turtles.

The highlight for the kids was then getting to help feed "Salty"a one-year-old Hawksbill turtle which was being rehabilitated at the center.

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, and the kids are still going around reciting facts about the sea turtles that they learned.

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