Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tie-Dye Day

This week's theme in our neighborhood summer camp was colors. We tie-dyed shirts using koolaid which was a fun, if messy, process for all the kids. It did result in Baby B looking like a smurf for a few days after some blue koolaid got spilled on his leg, but the kids love the shirts they made. One of the moms had bought white onesies, and the even the babies in the neighborhood got tie-dyed shirts.

For a snack I had made some tie-dyed sugar cookies to go along with it. I made the dough first, then broke it into four parts and used food coloring to make each a separate color. I then rolled each color into a dough rope and braided them together. When I cut the braid into circles the colors were in a crazy tie-dyed pattern.

To go along with our theme, we played outdoor twister on the lawn and then since it was mainly girls we also did a little "freeze dancing" to round out our day.

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