Friday, June 17, 2011

Pirate Summer Camp

This week's theme in our neighborhood summer camp was pirates. (For privacy reasons I only show my own children on the blog, but our whole neighborhood participates.)

When I saw this tutorial over at AlphaMom for a pirate skirt made from bandanas, I knew I had to make it for Miss M. It was super easy to do, and she LOVED being a "pink pirate" as she said.

J was my helper and ran the games for me. He briefly wore the velvet frock coat my mother had made as a costume when he was much smaller. However, the 100 degree heat and the small size prompted him to take it off almost immediately.

We had eye patches made from craft foam and yarn, spyglasses made from toilet paper tubes and pirate tattoos.

The kids made their own treasure maps, dug for buried treasure in the sandbox

and played capture the flag, treasure island, and a swab-the-deck relay race with balloons.

Overall, I think it was a fun pirate day!


  1. What a fun day?!?!

    I really love the skirt! Great job!


  2. Pirate play always seems to be a winner - looks like you had lot of fun!


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