Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treasure Basket: Shiny

I gave Baby B a new treasure basket filled with shiny, reflective, and metal objects. To say he loves it is an understatement!

I put everything inside a wire basket and it includes:

-baby safe mirror
-old CD
-serving spoon
-metal baby spoon
-mini colander
-gold metal jar with lid
-a large bunch of keys and metal rings
-three baby food jars filled with bells, coins and a bouncy ball (the lids of these are hot-glued on so he cannot open them)
-aluminum foil ball
-white wooden triangle
-small metal pail
-silver ball (not shown)
-napkin ring (not shown)

I think it goes without saying that he only does this under CLOSE supervision as some of these objects could be choking hazards and he tends to put things in his mouth.

I love just sitting nearby and watching him explore each item one at a time and figuring out how to combine them in new ways.

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