Thursday, May 5, 2011

Frog Lifecycle Craft

The pond behind our house is teeming with new babies - turtles, frog, and ducks - so of course, we are studying pond life this month. Miss M has been learning the lifecycle of a frog, and when I saw this craft I knew she'd love it.

The cover is a lily-pad made from green construction paper, a muffin cup and tissue paper.

The eggs were made using a q-tip dipped in white paint. We later added the black dots with a marker.

The tadpoles are Miss M's fingerprints dipped in brown paint and the frog printout came from Kidssoup (this is a membership site). When they were dry, they all stapled together to make a little book.

She was so excited to show J and Daddy her project when they got home.


  1. LOVE this craft! I have been looking for something like this for E.


  2. Excellent. And perfect for toddlers!

    Would love to see you participate with toddler appropriate crafts and activities in our weekly linky. It's up every Friday and it's all about toddlers. :)


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