Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Purse

Miss M love to put her "treasures" into bags and purses and carry them around with us. She certainly has no shortage of tiny bags to carry with her, either. However, when I saw the pattern for a spring felt purse over at You Can Make This, I knew she'd love it.

I cut the purse pattern out and whip-stitched it together. Miss M selected all the items to make the flowers (buttons, a silk flower we cut apart, appliques we had in our craft room and felt sticker hearts we made into petals); she cut the ribbons herself and glued it all down. I had her use elmer's glue to place everything, and then when she was laying down for quiet time I went back and hot-glued them on for strength.

She loves having made her own purse, and this complete project only took us 30 minutes or so to do.

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