Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Mural

We have been having summer-like weather lately, so we took advantage and did some outside painting. The kids (all three of them) made a hand and foot printed mural.

M and J used their hands to make grass, flowers and a sun. (J used a brush for the sun but his fingers for the rays.)

Baby B used his feet to make the clouds and flowers.

It was messy,

but everyone had fun,

and it gives a pop of fresh spring color to our dining room walls.


  1. Very cute and fun!

    Definitely looks like spring and love that it was a group effort:-)


  2. Awesome! :) Come and join us in weekly link up! :) We named it High paw after a mascot bear! ;)

  3. I love this idea! I love how even the baby was involved! Would you mind if I copied you and did this with my kids?

  4. Thank you. You are always welcome to adopt any idea you see here for use with your own family. Many of our favorite projects were originally something I saw on another blog!


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