Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Games: Beginning Sound-O

Miss M and I have been playing a lot of pre-reading games lately. She knows all of her letters and all of the sounds they make, but hasn't been able to put them together into words yet. So, we are working on isolating and identifying beginning sounds.

I printed out and colored simple clip art pictures - one for each letter - and glued them onto cardstock. On the back I wrote the name of the item, underlining the first letter in red. I made two sets, one with short vowels and one with long vowels. We play with these in several ways.

1. Miss M draws a card, names the picture, isolates the beginning sound (b-b-bear) and names the letter it begins with.

2. I printed bingo cards with the letters of the alphabet on them. We mix up the cards and then Miss M draws one and tries to match it to the correct letter on the card.

3. Since there are two sets, I remove the cards for A,E,I,O,U and then we try to match up the two cards that begin with the same letter - bear and butterfly for instance.

Miss M is really enjoying playing these games, and I have noticed an improvement already!

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  1. Wonderful activities! Great job! Thanks for sharing! Kerri


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