Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We have been hit by an unusual Arctic blast, meaning both J and Daddy had the day off today. While they entertained Baby B, Miss M and I spent the time making crafts for celebrating Chinese New Year, since it was way too cold to be outside and too icy to go anywhere.

First we read about the Chinese Fu symbol meaning good luck and printed several of them off on the computer. Then Miss M colored the squares red and painted four craft sticks red.

A little glue, a little ribbon and a penny (we didn't have a chinese coin) and we have a lucky hanging.
Next we read the story about the dragon and why it is a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Then M colored a dragon picture.

I cut it out for her and she added crepe paper streamers to make her own dragon costume.

She also performed her own dragon dance for us.

We talked about the Feast of the Lantern and made the traditional craft of a lantern by cutting red construction paper along the folds. We added a yellow crepe paper inside to represent the flame.
Next we used some of our squares with the Fu symbol printed on them and outlined it with gold glitter glue. M practiced her folding skills in making a red paper envelope which we glued the symbols to.

I also have some red take-out style boxes that we glued our squares onto. I will be filling these on Thursday with fortune cookies, rice cake wrapped in red tissue paper and other fun goodies for our celebration.

The templates for the dragon and Fu symbol can be found at Kidssoup. Tomorrow looks to be another at-home day for everyone, so I have many more activities planned for our celebration of the Chinese New Year.


  1. Wow, you've been crafty! Great activities for Chinese New Year, and I especially liked the last one with coloring luck symbol with gold.

  2. You did a really wonderful collection of crafts for Chinese New Year! I am not sure I could pick a favorite! Great job! Kerri


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